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A dirty A/C unit reduces air flow, impairs heat exchange and causes the compressor to needlessly run. This costs the homeowner money due to higher operating costs and shorter equipment life.

Kool-Wrap helps the A/C unit remain clean, thus increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs.

The Air-Care Kool-Wrap protects your A/C condenser coils from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. 

Four Easy Steps for Measuring and Installing
Your Kool-Wrap

measure your air conditioner photo

Step 1 & 2 - Measure

Thoroughly clean and dry the A/C unit. Measure the height of the unit from the hard base to the top of the case.

Then measure the circumference of the unit, adding up all 4 sides. Add 2"-4" of overlap.

Step 3 - Cut

Using a pair of scissors, cut the Kool-Wrap's height and width to be the desired size to fit your unit. 

Kool-Wrap installation demo

Step 4 - Wrap

Wrap the Kool-Wrap around your A/C unit. Fold any overlap equally on each end. 

Kool-Wrap Magnet Installation

 Cleaning Your Kool-Wrap

Remove your Kool-Wrap and rinse in the opposite direction of air flow. Then allow to dry and place back on the unit.

Kool-Wrap Magnet Installation

 Use C.E.F. for Extra Clean 

For extra cleaning and to help with stubborn stains, use Air-Care's C.E.F. (Cleans Electronic Filters).

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